Trial Lessons

Combine a flying lesson with a sight-seeing tour of the Isle of Wight for an unforgettable experience. Bring along a camera !

You have the opportunity to take control of the aircraft, while in the air, under supervision of the flight instructor

If this is your preference you will be given a brief introduction to the controls and how they affect the aircraft in flight and how to interpret the instruments

Otherwise you can sit back, relax, enjoy the flight and take photographs


Half Hour Trial Lesson in the CTSW

Brings you out over Ryde then left along the Solent turning left again over Cowes to follow the River Medina to Newport and out to the south coast of the island where we keep the coast on our left until we are back at Sandown Bay and in for a landing


The Hour Flight in the CTSW

Starts again by heading out over Ryde towards the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth - then we turn right and follow the coast down to West Wittering - we then do a 180 degree turn and follow the Solent back passing Ryde, Cowes and Yarmouth, right around the Needles and follow the coast all the way back around St Catherine's point and back to the airfield

The above routes are possible in reasonable weather but allowance must be made for diversions for safety reasons or if you have a specific area you wish to see this can be incorporated into the flight as long as it remains within the time allowed

For those of you who wish to experience the Thruster microlight which does not fly as quickly, a shorter route would be decided on the day


Ground Studies

You have the option of studying by yourself from the recommended books or your instructor can bring you through each subject if you so wish